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Contoh soal Tes Bahasa Inggris Untuk Brigadir Polisi - Clause

         Adjective Clause  adalah dependent clause yang berfungsi sebagai adjective dan menjelaskan noun atau pronoun pada main clause dari suatu complex sentence (kalimat yang terdiri dari independent clause dan satu atau lebih dependent 

Contoh soal Tes Bahasa Inggris Untuk Brigadir Polisi - Clause lainnya
Contoh Kalimat Adjective Clause dengan Berbagai Relative Pronoun
Relative Pronoun
Contoh Kalimat Adjective Clause
He is the man who works hard to support their daily needs.
(Dia pria yang bekerja keras untuk menanggung kebutuhan sehari-hari mereka.)
menerangkan “man” (subject complement)
The woman whom you saw last night is my sister.
(Wanita yang kamu lihat tadi malam adalah saudara saya.)
menerangkan “woman” (subject kalimat)
The man, whose car is antique, works as a lecturer.
(The man yang punya mobil antik itu bekerja sebagai dosen.)
menerangkan “man” (subject kalimat)
Tom, which is very faithful, is my cat.
(Tom, yang sangat setia, adalah kucing saya.)
menerangkan “Tom” (subject kalimat)
where (relative adverb)
Bandar Lampung is a city where I was born.
(Bandar Lampung adalah kota dimana saya dilahirkan.)
menerangkan “city” (subject complement)
It is the car that I have dreamed for many years ago.
(Ini mobil yang telah saya impikan sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu.)
menerangkan “car” (subject complement)

contoh soal:

1.The professional ...... doesn't follow ethics can not be considered a professional.
a.Which he
c.Who he
2.What do you do when you are at a party ...... don't know people very well?
c.Where you
d.Who you
3. I always remember the times ...... my family and I spent Christmas together.
4.Do you know where I can take the bus ...... goes to Saint Peter Cathedral?
5.Has Helen reviewed the latest sales report ...... gave us last week?
a.Who the sales manager
b.Whose the sales manager
c.That the sales manager
d.Whose the sales manager
6.Last week, our cat gave birth to a litter of kittens, but we didn't know where........ our cat 
b.our cat was  
c.our cat is 
d.was our cat
7.Now, our cat is home again, and we can't believe how many .......
a. kittens does she have 
b.kittens has she 
c.she has kittens 
d.kittens she has
8.Can you imagine ...... ?
a. how cute they are cute are they they are cute 
d.are they cute
9.The kittens are so noisy that I can hardly hear what......
b.that you are saying 
c.are saying you are saying
10.My husband said ...... try to keep them all.
a.don't we 
b.that shouldn't 
c.that we shouldn't 
d.that we don't
11.We keep our bread in the fridge ...... it doesn't go bad that
12.You need proper shoes to go hiking in the mountains ...... the ground is rough and hard.
b.because that
d.even though
13.You should give the iron time to heat iron your clothes.
a.although that
c. because
14.You may get malaria ...... you are bitten by a mosquito.
a. so that
b. though
d. Before
15...... the dolphin lives in the sea, it is not a fish — it's a mammal.
a.whether that

 ingin mengerjakan soal yang lebih rumit? soal berikut ini di ambil dari tes bahasa inggris brigadir polsi tahun 2005-2003, selamat menerjakan

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