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Contoh soal Bahasa Inggris Untuk Tes Brigadir Polri - Conditional

pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan menjelaskan salah satu bagian Structure soal bahasa inggris pada ujian  Akademik seleksi penerimaan  Brigadir POLRI. yaitu  Conditional Sentence.

Conditional Sentence adalah complex sentence (kalimat majemuk) yang dibentuk dari subordinate clause yang diawali dengan subordinate conjunction if berupa condition (syarat) dan main clause berupa result/consequence (hasil)

Conditional Sentence (=Kalimat pengandaian) adalah kalimat yang digunakan untuk menyatakan sesuatu yang mungkin terjadi atau mungkin tidak terjadi seperti yang diharapkan. Kalimat pengandaian terdiri atas dua bagian, yaitu man clause (induk kalimat) dan if clause (anak kalimat). Dalam if clause terkandung syarat-syarat yang harus dipenuhi agar keadaan seperti terkandung dalam main clause dapat terwujud. Oleh karena itu, conditional sentences disebut juga kalimat bersyarat. Conditional Sentences atau kalimat pengandaian terdiri dari dua jenis yaitu real conditional (nyata) dan unreal/ contrary to fact (tidak nyata).

pada soal soal bahasa inggris intuk  ujian  Akademik seleksi penerimaan  Brigadir POLRI ada dua jenis bentuk soal yang muncul  yaitu :
1. melengkapi clausa kaliman kondisional, dan,
2. menarik kesimpulan kalimat kondisional
1. Melengkapi clausa kaliman kondisional
gunakan rumus berikut :

If clause
Main clause
If + S + V1 (kata kerja pertama),
             Am/is are
S + will + V1 (kata kerja pertama)
If + S + V2 (kata kerja kedua)
S + would + V1 (kata kerja pertama)
If + S + had + V3 (kata kerja ketiga)
S + would have + V3(kata kerja ketiga)

catatan :
WILL bisa diganti dengan SHALL, CAN, MAY, MUST
WOULD bisa diganti dengan  SHOULD, COULD, MIGHT dan MUST
UNLESS : IF NOT = jika tidak atau seandainya tidak
OTHERWISE : jika tidak

contoh soal :
1.       We would not lost our bag if we ............ in the hotel
a.       Left
b.      Have left
c.       Had left
d.      Would left
  pembahasan : main clause kalaimat diatas menggunakan would not lost     (would + V1 = tipe 2)    pasangannya adalah    If + S + V2 (kata kerja kedua)   sehingga jawaban yang tepat adalah : A : left

2. Menarik kesimpulan kalimat kondisional

If + s + V1, s + will + V1
There is possibility/ there will possibly
If + S + V2 , S + would + V1
Berlawnan dengan pernyataan dan present tense
If + S + had + V3, S + would have + V3
 Perlawanan dengan pernyataan dan past tense

3. Bentuk inversi atau Susun balik
 Pada prinsipnya bentuk inversi atau susun balik adalah penghilangan IF  dan WERE atau HAD DILETAKKAN DI DEPAN

contoh : if I were.....dst menjadi were I........dst
              if I had gone.................dst menjadi had I gone............dst

contoh soal  pada   ujian  Akademik seleksi penerimaan 
 Brigadir POLRI   

1. We would not lost our bag if we ............ in the hotel
a. Left
b. Have left
c. Had left
d. Would left
e. Would have left

2. If I ............ a big prize in a lottrey, I’d give up my job
a. Win
b. Won
c. Will win
d. Have won
e. Am winning

3. If the sun ............ we should die
a. Didn’t shone
b. Doesn’t shine
c. Didn’t shine
d. Doesn’t shine
e. Shined 

4. She ............ our club if we ask her
a. Is going to join
b. Would join
c. Will join
d. Is joining
e. joins

5. If you wanted to but the books............?
a. Where to go
b. Where to go buy
c. Where will yu go
d. Where you go
e. Where would you go

6. He ............ if I hadn’t reminded him
a. Many forget
b. Should forget
c. Will forget
d. Might have forgotten
e. Must forget

7. “what would you do if you are a millionaire”, “............ a trip arround the world”
a. I will take
b. I would have taken
c. I would take
d. I took
e. Me took

8. If I had known it was very intersesting, I............ it.
a. Would buy
b. Won’t buy
c. Would never have buy
d. Would have bought
e. Will have bought

9. If her mother had not been ill, Ati would have joined the study tour to lombok. From the sentence we may conclude that Ati :
a. Has just come back from the study tour
b. Went to Lombok for study tour
c. Left her sick mother alone at home
d. Refuse to join the study tour to Lombok
e. Went to Lombok after her mother had recovered

10. If you ............, I will Be angry
a. Don’t want to write the letter
b. Were not writing the letter
c. Didn’t write the letter
d. Will not write the letter
e. Will write the letter

11. If they see her, they ............ .
a. Would let me know
b. Will have told me
c. Could let me know
d. Will let me know

12. “will you tell Ira that I want to see her?” “............”
a. I will if I have seen her
b. I will if I see her
c. I would if I see her
d. If I see her I will

13. If I ............, .
a. I make a mistake,  I’ll apologize
b. Made a mistake, I’d Apologize
c. Had made a mistake, i would have apologize
d. Have made mistake , i could apologize

14. If he prepared his lesson, he ............ his examination
a. Passed
b. Would be pass
c. Would have passed
d. Would pass
e. Had passed

15. If he were rich , he would buy a car. It means ............
a. He is not rich
b. He is able to by a car
c. He doesn’t buy a car
d. He was not rich

16. If the company’s personnel department had sent the letter earlier, I would not have been too late for the interwiew. It means ............
a. I did’nt want to be interviewed
b. The company did not send the letter
c. I went through the interview
d. The lettter come to early
e. I missed the interview

17. If his car were in better condition, we would make a long trip now. It may be conclude that we ............
a. Have to stay at home
b. Are enjoying the trip
c. Prefer staying at home
d. Enjoyed the trip
e. Stayed at home

18. Had the company not rised jusman’s salary, he would have looked for another job . from the underlined wordswe may conclude taht Jusman ............
a. Doesn’t like the job
b. Is still loking for another job
c. Found a better paying job
d. Enjoy the trip
e. Didn’t leave his present job

19. If i had come erlier, i could have meet bob in person. Means ............
a. I came very erlierso that I could meet Bob in perrson
b. I came late so  I could not meet Bobin person
c. Although i come early , I could not meet Bobin person
d. I didn’t come early, I  could not meet Bobin person
e. I come early, therefore I could not meet Bobin person

20. If he had taken the swimming lesson seriously, he could have become a good swimmer. means............ 
a. He liked swimming very much
b. He didn’t have the potential  of good swimmer
c. He was affraid of swimming
d. He succeed in becoming a good swimmer
e. He was non interested in becoming a good swimmer

21. Had they invited fewer people, the party could have been held at their house. We may conclude that............
a. Not many of the invited people come
b. The guest enjoyed the party at their house
c. The party was held at Ammanagappa Hall
d. Their house were crowded with people
e. It was only a small party

22. “your drawing was very good” , “i could have done it better if I ............more time”
a. Have had
b. Had
c. Had had
d. Will have Had
e. Would have

23. “............ , he would have eaten half of the cake”
a. If he would be hungry
b. If she is hungry
c. Were he hungry
d. If only he had hungry
e. Had he been hungry

24. She wouldn’t have left him , if he had treated her well. means............
a. She would leave him if he treats her badly
b. He didn’t treat her well, therefore she left him
c. Even he treated her well, she would leave him
d. Since he didn’t treat her well, she left him

25. We will be late for school if he  ............ at once
a. Doesn’t leave
b. Will leave
c. May not leave
d. Did not leave
e. Had not left

26. I would go to the beach with you if I ............ today
a. Don’t have to work
b. Won’t have to work
c. Didn’t have to work
d. Am not working
e. Don’t work

27. If the watchman hadn’t fallen asleep, the thief would not have entered the house. It means ............
a. The thiefe entered the house because the watchman fell asleep
b. The thiefe couldn’t enter the house because the watchman was fully awake
c. Because the watchman was sleeping, the thiefe could enter the house
d. Since the watchman was not sleeping , the thiefe entered the house

28. Herman is going to climb Mt. Bawakaraeng. Rizal asked him “ why didn’t ask farid to join with you?”. Herman said “ I knowhe doesnt like mountain claimbing”. If he ............, I ............him to go 
a. Can-will ask
b. Did-would ask
c. Is-will ask
d. Does-will ask
e. Were-will ask

29. Had imran known you in troble, he would have helped you. Means............
a. imran wanted to know whether you were in trouble and needed his help
b. imran wanted to know whether you were in trouble and didn’t need his help
c. Imran didn’t help you because he didn’t know you were in trouble
d. Imran doesn’t know you were in troubleso he doesn’t help you
e. Imran didn’t know you were in troublebut he helped you

30. If he knows his address, he will give it to you. This means ............
a. He knows his address, perhaps he will give it to you
b. He may not give you his addressalthough he knows it
c. He will not give you his address because he doesn’t know it
d. Perhaps he knows his address. In this case he will give it to you
e. He knows his address but he will not give it to you

31. His hous is not near the campus, so he alwasys comes late. It means............
a. If his house near the campus, he will come on time
b. Supposing his house near the campushe could come ontime
c. If only his house near the campus, he will come ontime
d. He could come on time if his house were near the campus

32. He wasn’t given the dictionary by Indra. I am sure that if he had asked for it, indra, ............
a. Would havegave the dictionary to him
b. Would gave the dictionary to him
c. Will give the dictionary to him
d. Would have given the dictionary to him
e. Will have given to him

33. If only they............her arrival tomorrow, they would be very busy today
a. Know
b. Knew
c. Had known
d. Have known
e. Would know
34. If I............ more time, i would have checked my paper again
a. Have
b. had
c. Had had
d. Had had
e. Had have
35. ............ a bird, I’d fly all over the world 
a. If I was
b. If i had been
c. If I am
d. Had i been
e. Were I 

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Contoh soal Tes Bahasa Inggris Untuk brigadir Polri - Causative

untuk soal structure pada soal bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk brigadir Polri bentuk Causative selalu muncul pada tes bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk brigadir Polri
bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk bintara polisi
tes masuk bintara polri

cusative verb adalah kata kerja yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan bahwa subject (pelaku) tidak bertanggungjawab langsung terhadap aksi yang terjadi melainkan seseorang atau sesuatu yang lain yang melakukan aksi tersebut.

fungsi dan Rumus Causative Verbs

Kalimat causative verb terbagi menjadi 2 macam, yaitu active dan passive causative. Pada kalimat active causative verb, agent (yang mengerjakan aksi) diketahui. Sebaliknya, pada kalimat passive causative verb, agent biasanya tidak disebutkan.

Let, make, have, dan get merupakan causative verb yang umum digunakan.





  • Andi had her friend take her result test.
  • He got her parents to buy her a tennis racket.
  • The man got his cat to chase a mouse.
  • The woman made her daughter eat up the tomatoes.
  • The manager makes her staff work hard.

  • She got her parents to buy her a tennis racket



  • I had my apartment renovated last week.
  • He had his pen returned as soon as possible.

Dibawah ini saya akan memberika 20 contoh soal  bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk bintara polisi dalam bentuk CAUSATIVE

1. Instead of buying a new bicycle, why don't you have your old one ___
a. to fix
b. fixing
c. fixed
d. fixes
2. Can you help me ___ my livingroom next weekend
a. to paint
b. painting
c. painted
d. paint
3. My mom always makes me __ my room on Saturday mornings.
a. to clean up
b. cleaning up
c. cleaned up
d. clean up
4. My little girl wants us to let her ___ overnight at her friend's place.
a. to stay
b. staying
c. stayed
d. stay
5. We had our landlord ___ the broken window.
a. to fix
b. fixing
c. fixed
d. fix
6. We got the computer guy ____ the new software for us.
a. to install
b. installing
c. installed
d. install
7. My friend lets me ____ his car sometimes.
a. to borrow
b. borrowing
c. borrowed
d. borrow
8. I can help you ___ into your new apartment if you want.
a. to move
b. moving
c. moved
d. move
9. Your car engine is making some strange sounds. Why don't you have a mechanic ____ at it
a.    to look
b.    looking
c.    looked
d.    look
10. Her parents don't let her ___ out late on school nights.
a.    to stay
b.    stayed
c.    stay
d.    staying
11. My boss made me ____ overtime every day last week.
a. work
b. to work
c. working
d. works
12. We should get Ben ____ us some concert tickets when he goes to get his.
a. to buy
b. buy
c. buys
d. buying

13. We've got to get our neighbours ___ having loud parties every weekend.
a. stopping
b. to stop
c. stop
d. stopped
14. She had her hair ___ at QuickCuts for only $25.
a. cutting
b. to cut
c. cut
d. cutted
15. We had our house ___ last year.
a. painted
b. paint
c. to paint
d. painting
16. You shouldn't let the other children __ you around.
a. to push
b. push
c. pushed
d. pushing
17. The teacher had everyone ___ a story about a special childhood experience.
a. write
b. to write
c. wrote
d. has written
18. Do you think your parents will let you ___ to the party
a. to go
b. go
c. went
d. going
19. Don't let me __ to call my brother before we leave on holiday.
a. forget
b. forgot
c. to forget
d. forgets
20. When I was little, my parents always made me ___ to school because they thought it was too lazy to take the bus.
a. to walk
b. walk
c. walked

d. walking

demikian lah contoh soal bahasa inggris bagian Caustive untuk tes masuk brigadir Polri, ingin tahu contoh soal selanjutnya? silahkan liat di postingan saya selanjutnya ya?  :)

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Contoh soal Tes Bahasa Inggris Untuk brigadir Polisi - WH question

Hai , hari ini blog Sumber Ilmu kita akan share lagi mengenai soal soal bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk brigadir polisi, penulis blog Sumber ilmu Kita Juga merupakan Dosen Bahasa Inggris yang juga aktif sebagai pengajar para calon Bintara Polisi
Hasil gambar untuk polisi tes masuk

kali ini soal yang saya ingin perlihatkan soal soal bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk brigadir polisi adalah soal mengenai "Question". porsi soal ini tidak bengitu banyak, namun tepep sangat penting untuk dipelajari untuk bisa lolos dari tes Akademik, di bawah ini saya perlihatkan juga tahun soal  soal bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk brigadir polisi tersebut.

1. ___ is your name? Kiki
a. What
b. Where
c. When
d. Who
2. ___ is your favourite actress? Agnes Mo
a. What
b. Why
c. When
d. Who
3. ___ are you from? I'm from Bone
a. What
b. Where
c. When
d. Who
4. ___ is your birthday? on November 15th
a. Whose
b. Where
c. When
d. Who
5. ___ colour is your new car? red
a. What
b. How
c. Where
d. Whose
6. ___ old are you? 17 years old
a. What
b. How
c. Which
d. Whose

7. ___ books are these?it's Anna's
a. Why
b. How
c. Where
d. Whose
8. ___ did you quit your job?
a. Who
b. Which
c. Why
d. Whose
9. ___ are you going to America? tomorrow
a. Who
b. What
c. When
d. Which
10. ___ aren't you going to Peter's party?
a. What
b. How
c. Where
d. Why
11. ...........does he come here?
a. How 
b. Why
c. What
d. When 
(Soal tahun 2008)
12. ...........wants magoes? They do
a. Which
b. How
c. How many
d. Whom
e. (Soal tahun 2008)
13.  ..........is she looking for? Kiki
a. Whose
b. Whom
c. Which
d. How
e. (Soal tahun 2008)
14. ...........is sitting on the chair
a. When
b. How many
c. Which
d. Whom
(Soal tahun 2008)
15. ...........does she see at schoo? Tasya does
a. Who
b. How 
c. whom
d. how many
(Soal tahun 2008)
16. ............do you think we need?
a. How many paint
b. How much paint
c. How much of paint
d. How many paints
(Soal tahun 2008)

17. .............one do you want?, the pencil or the pen?
a. Who
b. Whom
c. Which
d. How
(Soal tahun 2011)
18..................does he want to help?
a. How 
b. Which 
c. who  
d. whom
(Soal tahun 2008)
19. ..............is he going to leave? In five days
a. Where 
b. how 
c. when 
d. who

(Soal tahun 2008)

demikian lah contoh soal bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk brigadir polisi, ingin tahu contoh soal selanjutnya? silahkan liat di postingan saya selanjutnya ya?  :)