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Contoh soal Tes Bahasa Inggris Untuk Brigadir Polisi

Hai , hari ini blog Sumber Ilmu kita akan share mengenai soal soal bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk Brigadir polisi, penulis blog Sumber ilmu Kita Juga merupakan Dosen Bahasa Inggris yang juga aktif sebagai pengajar para calon Bintara Polisi

perlu  diingat bahwa model soal yang muncul setiap tahunnya terkadang berbeda  dengan tahun sebelumnya, namun juga terkadang sangat mirip, oleh karena itu materi dibawah ini adalah hasil pengamatan terhadap soal soal yang muncul dari tahun 2005 - 2016.

bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk bintara polisi
bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk Brigadir polisi

soal bahasa inggris pada tes masuk Brigadir polisi terdiri dari 100 nomor yang kesemuanya adalah pilihan ganda yang terdiri dari 4 opsi. soal bahasa inggris pada tes masuk Brigadir polisi mencakup
1. TENSES                           -TEST 1       - TEST 2       -TEST 3
2. CONJUNCTION             -TEST
3. CAUSATIVE                    -TEST
4. CONCORD                      -TEST
6. MODALS                         -TEST
7. PASSIVE VOICE             -TEST
8. SUBJUNCTIVE               -TEST
9. CONDITIONAL              -TEST
10. CLAUSE                        -TEST

Dibawah ini saya akan memberika 20 contoh soal  bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk bintara polisi yang meliputi TENSES dan TAG QUESTION

1.Dina : Was there any victims in the flood happened in your village last week?
   Nani : No, when the flood came, the people … to the safety place
             a. flee
             b. had fled
             c. will have fled
            d. is fleeing
2. You are students, … ?
      a. don't you
      b. will you
      c. can you
     d. aren’t you
3. He …  as a teacher for nine years, now he has been promoted to be the principle
     a. is being working
     b. had worked
     c. will work
     d. has worked
4. You will leave, … ?
     a. will you
     b. willn’t you
     c. won’t you
     d. do you
5. You liked tea ?
     a. didn't you
     b. did you
     c. will you
     d. can you
6. Vina : When did you get there?
Fofa : Yesterday. My uncle’s family … when I arrived.
     a. have lunch
     b. are having lunch
     c. had just had lunch
     d. have been having lunch
7. You won’t leave, … ?
     a. do you
     b. are you
     c. will you
     d. can you
8. You … since three o’clock. Why don’t you take a break?
     a. Are studying
     b. had been studying
     c. will be studying
     d. have been studying
9. Please, come tomorrow, … ?
     a. won’t you
     b. will you
     c. do you
     d. don’t you
10. I planned to see you in your office yet, I was in a kind of rush. … you at your office at three o’clock yesterday?
     a. Are
     b. Have you been
     c. Do
     d. Were
11. These books are new, … ?
     a. do the
     b. aren’t they
     c. will they
    d. can’t they
12. There is nothing to do now, is there?
Fred : Judy, the telephone rang many times last night, why didn’t you answer it?
Judy : Sorry, Fred. I had so many works to do and I … them.
     a. finish
     b. am finishing
     c. haven’t finished
     d. I hadn’t finished
13. I … under the three when it begun to rain
     a. stood
     b. am standing
     c. have been standing
     d. stands
14. He … me for what I had done
     a. thanked
     b. is thanking
     c. has been thanking
     d. will be thanking
15. He … English before he went to the United States.
     a. has already learnt
     b. is already learn
     c. had already learnt
     d. learns
16. While I was studying in one room of our dormitory, my roommate …. in the other room.
     a. was having a party
     b. is having a party
     c. has a party
     d. conducting party
17. Before this semester is finished, we … gerund
     a. are studying
     b. have studied
     c. had studied
     d. will have studied
18. Don’t call me at eight, because I … . I will be studying at the library.
     a. won’t be home
     b. Wouldn’t be home
     c. have already been home
     d. was already at home
19. She … to the store when I arrived
     a. had just gone
     b. is going to go
     c. has just gone
     d. is going
20. We … TV when the lights went out.
     a. watched
     b. were watching
     c. have watched
     d. is watching

demikian lah contoh soal bahasa inggris untuk tes masuk Brigadir polisi, ingin tahu contoh soal selanjutnya? silahkan liat di postingan saya selanjutnya ya?  :)


  1. thank for the help it is very useful.

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  3. sangat membantu. terimakasih. ditunggu upload-an test 2, 3 dan seterusnya ya. salam sukses!

  4. untuk kedepannya akan di lakukan revisi mengenai isi tes bahasa inggris brigadir ini, karena tahun 2018 terjadi perubahan soal tes bahasa inggris untuk tes akademik brigadir. tes nya di kurangi menjadi hanya 50 nomor saja, dan soalnya dalam bentuk reading saja, just wait next year😀

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