Wednesday, June 14, 2017

American Idioms - Swear Words

kali ini kita akan membahas beberapa Idion dalam bahasa inggris , kali ini yang menjadi pokok bahasan adalah SWEAR WORDS atau CURSE WORDS, ada yang tau apa itu SWEAR WORDS?. SWEAR WORDS  jika diartiakn dalam bahasa indonesia maka akan bermakna " PERKATAAN KASAR"  yang biasa di ungkapkan untuk mengungkapkan kekesalan terhadap seseorang atau sesuatu.

contoh perkataan dalam bahasa Indonesia seperti : "SIALAN", "SETAN", "ANJING",
contoh dalam bahasa Makassar seperti  : " ANASUNDALA" "TAILASO", "KABBULAMMA" dsb..!

"shit" usually isn't referring to "poop"
"shit" tidak selalu berarti "Tai" ( kotoran manusia)
and "fuck "often has nothing to do with sexual intercourse
dan "fuck" sama sekali tidak ada hubungnnya dengan hubungan seksual ( sebagai mana yang anda sering dalam film p*rno/ atau blue film, contoh "fuck me" hehhehhe)
for example "tough shit", just mean too bad. as in too bad for you.

1. to bust your ass

"to bust your ass" means to work very hard on something. for example : "I really had to bust my ass tonight"
meaning that you had to work really hard.
 to bust your ass -American Idioms  - Swear Words

2. jack shit (slang)
 "jack shit" means a very small amount or not anything at all.
jack shit- American Idioms  - Swear Words

3. not a change in hell

"not a change in hell" actually comes from the longer phrase. 
"not a snowball's chance in hell" which is referencing the fact that a snowball wouldn't last very long in hell
overall, the phrase "not a chance in hell" means no possibility or no way
another example could be in sport, if a team is really losing by a lot and there are just a 
few minutes left in a game, you could say,"there's not a chance in hell that they will win"
 not a chance in hell - American Idioms  - Swear Words

4. to fuck someone over
 "to fuck someone over" means to take advantage of someone or treat that person unfairly.
there's also the phrase "to screw someone over" which means the same thing
but it slightly profane, because the word "screw" is itself not as vulgar as the word "fuck"
but it's still not poilite. just a little less bad
American Idioms  - Swear Words

5. cluster fuck
 "cluster fuck" is a chaotic situation where nothing is hadled correctly and everything is just going in correctly.
cluster fuck- American Idioms  - Swear Words

I hope you all had a shi-ton of fun reading the article.... :)

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