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Contoh soal Tes Bahasa Inggris Untuk Brigadir Polisi - Clause part 2

    dibawah ani beberapa contoh sial lagi yang berhubungan dengan Clause, silahkan mengerjakan  Contoh soal Tes BahasaInggris Untuk Brigadir Polisi : 
 Contoh soal Tes Bahasa Inggris Untuk Brigadir Polisi - Clause part 2

1. .  Rani : do you know that woman over there?
Ana : yes ,she is a teacher
Rani : oh no., you get me the wrong one
Ana : Which one do you mean?
Rani : .........
a.        Who I smile at her
b.        Who wears glasses
c.        That bluose is red
d.        Is on your right side
(soal tahun 2012)
    2.        The man.......I talked is our new teacher
a.        Who
b.        Whom
c.        About whom
d.        Whose
(soal tahun 2012 dan 2013)
    3.        Ismul : what is the most worrying effect of the economic crisis?
Budi : .................children are deprived of nutrisious food necessary for their intelectual development
a.        Why
b.        That
c.        What
d.        Which
 (soal tahun 2012)
    4.        The book on the table ................are about child education belong to my sister
a.        which of most
b.        most of which
c.        in which
d.        of which
(soal tahun 2012)
    5.        Sumbawa is not quite fertile, is very good breeding cattle
a.        Since
b.        Yet
c.        As
d.        For
(soal tahun 2012)   
6. 6.        My mother...........I lay all my troubles, is very kind
a.        That
b.        Whom
c.        Whose
d.        On whom
(soal tahun 2012)
    7.        Tom’s hasn’t bee so goog lately, is in hospital now
a.         Who
b.        Whose
c.        Of whom
d.        Of whose
(soal tahun 2012dan 2013 ) 
    8.        The books on this shelf, ..........are about children, belong to my sister in law
a.        Which of most
b.        In which
c.        That of most
d.        Most of which
e.        (soal tahun 2012 dan 2013)
    9.        Diva  introduce me to her former lecturer......she married after she graduated
a.        Whom
b.        Who
c.        Which
d.        With whom
(soal tahun 2013)

    10.     This is the book.............the teacher was talking yesterday
a.        Who
b.        Which
c.        To which
d.        About
(soal tahun 2013)
    11.     “Who is Ismail marzuki?”
“ well, he is the composer......... people consider one of the greatest indonesian composer ”
a.        Whom
b.        To whom
c.        With whom
d.        Who
    12.     I don’t it is
a.        Which
b.        Whose
c.        When
d.        Because
(soal tahun 2011)
    13.     I wonder..............he went out without asking permission
a.        Who
b.        Where
c.        when
d.        why
(soal tahun 2011)
   14.     the meeting was postponed.............the doctor didn’t come
a.        so that
b.        because
c.        why
d.        when
(soal tahun 2011)
   15.     “where does he came from?”
“no body knows................”
a.        When does he come from
b.        Where he did come from
c.        From where do he come
d.        Where he comes from
   16.     I am reading a book..... you bought yesterday
a.        Who
b.        Where
c.        Which
d.        Whose
   17.     The professional __________ doesn't follow ethics can not be considered a professional.
a.        Which he
b.        Who
c.        Who he
d.        Whose
    18.     What do you do when you are at a party ___________ don't know people very well?
a.        Where
b.        That
c.        Where you
d.        Who you
   19.      I always remember the times _________ my family and I spent Christmas together.
a.        When
b.        Where
c.        Who
d.        That
    20.     Do you know where I can take the bus _________ goes to Saint Peter Cathedral?
a.        Which
b.        When
c.        Who
d.        Whose
   21.     Has Helen reviewed the latest sales report _____________ gave us last week?
a.        Who the sales manager
b.        Whose the sales manager
c.        That the sales manager
                 d. Whose the sales manager

selamat mejawab  Contoh soal Tes Bahasa Inggris Untuk Brigadir Polisi diataas...jiaka ada yang ingin ditanyakan silahka tinggal kan komentar dibawah...heheheheh

salam sukese semua :)

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