Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Contoh soal Tes Bahasa Inggris Untuk Brigadir Polisi - Passive Voice

1. “A weel known architect is designing our new office”
The passive form of the above sentence is..
“our new a well known architect”
a. Designs
b. Designed
c. Be designed
d. Is being designed
(soal tahun 2012)
2. The increase of the sales of the new cars...............expected to make traffic jam worse
a. Is
b. Are
c. Be
d. To be
(soal tahun 2012 dan 2013)
3. This is a very popular TV program, it.............. by millions of people
a. Watches
b. Being watched
c. Is watched
d. Has watched
(soal tahun 2012)
4. “I want the red dress displayed in the windows yesterday”
“ I am sorry, it................”
a. Has been selling
b. Has to be sold
c. Has to sell
d. Has been sold
(soal tahun 2012)
5. “when did the accident happened?”
“when the goods.............from the truck”
a. Were unloading
b. Were being unloaded
c. Being unloaded
d. They were unloading
(soal tahun 2012)
6. “what should we do with this pile of letters?”
a. Should file
b. Being filed
c. Should be filed
d. Be filed
(soal tahun 2012)

7. “why does the baby next door keep crying?”
“as usual, the baby sitter”
a. Is neglecting
b. Is neglected
c. Neglects
d. Is to be neglected
(soal tahun 2012)
8. “why do those people panic?”
“their semi permanent house.....................”
a. Demolished
b. Are demolishing
c. To be demolished
d. Are being demolished
(soal tahun 2012)
9. The president director agreed that the performance of the company has not been good these past few years, in fact, it’s organization now....................for improvement
a. Restructured
b. Is restructuring
c. Is to restructure
d. Is being restructured
(soal tahun 2012)
10. Do you know that at the moment some amazing the university research biologist?
a. Carried out
b. To carry out
c. Are being carried out
d. Be carried out
(soal tahun 2012)
11. It was suprising that neither the passenger nor the pilot.............injured in the plane accident
a. They are
b. Was
c. Were
d. He was
(soal tahun 2013)
12. The important of the lasser lies in the great variety of it uses and the great number of the field of medicine
a. Is expected
b. Expected
c. It expects
d. Expecting
(soal tahun 2013)

13. At the beginning of the semester, each of student.........given a new time table
a. He is
b. They are
c. Is
d. Be
(soal tahun 2013)
14. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ______________ by J K Rowling
a. was written
b. written
c. wrote
d. write
15. his antique motor car.............two months ago
a. is sold
b. was sold
c. has been sold
d. will be sold
16. she has picked up some flowers.
The pasive form of the sentence is:
a. some flowers have been picked up by her
b. some flowers has been picked up by her
c. she has been picked up
d. some flowers are picked up by her
17. “how old is the mosque?”
“Well, it 1870”
a. Has been selling
b. Has to be sold
c. Has to sell
d. Has been sold
18. Annisa is looking foward to her birthday because she.........a new watch.
a. Promised
b. Has been promising
c. Has been promised
d. Has promised
19. While my motor cycle......I played chess
a. Is being repaired
b. Was being repaired
c. Will be being repaired
d. Has been repaired
20. Stones at the glass stones hologans.
a. Were throw
b. Were thrown
c. Was throwed
d. Have been throw

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