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Contoh soal Tes Bahasa Inggris Untuk Brigadir Polisi - Modals

Penggunaan modals dalam tes bahasa inggris pada ujian  Akademik seleksi penerimaan  Brigadir POLRI juga sering kali muncul, jumlah nya tidak begitu banyak, dan biasanya bergabung dengan soral structure lainnya seperti pada  soal Structure Conditional.

secara umum penggunaan Modal dapat dilihat dari rumus dibawah ini : 

Modal +
verb 1
be + adjective
be + verb 3
have + verb 3
contoh :
* I can Play a guitar --> can + kata kerja bentuk pertama
* it can be difficult --> can + kata sifat
* that fish can be eaten --> can + kata kerja bentuk ke tiga (bermakana passif : ikan itu bisa dimakan)
* the grass is wet outside, it must have rained --> Must + have + kata kerja ketiga (bermana telah : rumput diluar basah, pasti telah turun hujan)

bentuk bentuk modal dan artinya : 

dapat, boleh
dapat, boleh
mungkin, boleh
mungkin, boleh
would rather
lebih suka
had better
ought to
have to / had to
Model soal pada pada ujian  Akademik seleksi penerimaan  Brigadir POLRI :
1. melengkapi kalimat dengan modal yang sesuai
2. modal dalam bentuk perfect
3. memaknai modal dalam bentuk perfect

1. melengkapi kalimat dengan modal yang sesuai
contoh soal :
 "Budi, are you going to ani's birthday party tomorrow morning?"
 " I don't think so, I...............the dentist "
a. am having
b. have seen
c. have to see
d. had to see

pembahasan : Budi tidak pergi ke pesta ulang tahun Ani, dia harus mengunjungi dokter gigi. dari pilihan diatas yang bermakna harus ada dua have to see dan had to see, namun kalimat diatas bermakna present  ( ditandai denga penggunaan kata kerja bentuk pertama Don't think) bukan lampau, sehingga jawaban yang tepat adalah have to see (C)

2. modal dalam bentuk perfect

Must have + v3
: kesimpulan pasti lampau
pasti telah
contoh :
Budi got the highest score ion the exam
he must have studied hard for it
May / Might have + v3
 : kemungkinan lampau
mungkin telah
contoh :
my mother come home late. well, she might have been caught in the traffic jam
should / ought to have + V3
 : harapan yang tak terpenuhi
seharusnya telah
contoh :
the boy was not admitted to have the lesson, because of being late.
he should have left for school erlier
could have + V3
: kemampuan yang tidak dilaksanakan
pada dasarnya dapat
contoh :

she could have driven the unused car, but she went by motorcycle

3. memaknai modal dalam bentuk perfect

# modals bermakna mungkin (may/ might) : maka di pilihan jawaban kata yng biasa muncul adalah : probably, possibly,perhaps, maybe  dan likely

# modals permakna yakin (must, have to, will, would) maka di pilihan jawaban kata yng biasa muncul adalah : sure, certain , conclude

# modals bermakna boleh (can, could ,may, might) maka di pilihan jawaban kata yng biasa muncul adalah : to be allowed/ permitted to

# modals bermakna dapat (can ,could) maka di pilihan jawaban kata yng biasa muncul adalah : to be able to, to be capable of 

contoh soal : 

* "Was Budi accepted at PT. Suzuki?"
  " he might have been; i haven't sen him around for some time"
  from the conversation we may concluded that he.................

a. refuses to work for PT. Suzuki
b. is not working in PT. Suzuki
c. is still unemployed
d. was probably accepted

Pembahasan : pada soal terdapat kata MIGHT yang bermakna mungkin, dan pada pilihan jawaban ada kata Probably yang juga bermakna mungkin , sehingga jawaban yang tepat adalah "D". was probably accepted


CONTOH SOAL Pada ujian  Akademik seleksi penerimaan  Brigadir POLRI

1. Izmul has to return to bandung tomorrow.  The underlined word means.......
a. Will 
b. May 
c. Would
d. Must
(soal tahun 2008)

2. I ......... dance all night if the circumtance permitted
a. Can
b. Could
c. Should
d. Might
(soal tahun 2008)

3. at the airport an hour before the flight time.
a. Can
b. Must
c. May
d. Shall
(soal tahun 2008)

4. You look pale. You..........go to the doctor
a. Shoud
b. Will
c. May
d. Can

5. Mom and dad just left for the air port twenty minutes ago, so they........there yet
a. Can’t have gotten
b. Souldn’t have gotten
c. Had better have gotten
d. Could have gotten

6. Since the company doesn’t change a late fee until after the sixtieth, until a day or two before that.
a. Shouldn’t
b. Mustn’t
c. Needn’t
d. Can’t

7. “why didn’t you attend the meeting last night ?”
“ oh, I..................overtime”
a. Must work
b. Must have worked
c. Should work
d. Had to work

8. Mr. Bram promised to tome at 10.00, but he isn’t here yet. He ...........the meeting
a. Ought still to attend
b. Might still attend
c. Is still to attend
d. Would still attend

9. To improve your speaking ability in English, with foreigners directly.
a. Sould practice
b. Should have practice
c. Would practice
d. Must have practiced

10. He asked me whether he........ my car to go to the party
a. Can borrow
b. May borrow
c. Might borrow
d. Would borrow

11. When i get up, every thing is wet out side. It ............hard last night
a. Ought to have rained
b. Would have rained
c. Must have rained
d. Could rained

12. “Why don’t you ask your friend to come along with us to the party?”
“I did, but he........go to the movie
a. Might
b. Used to
c. Could
d. Would rather

13. Children.........allowed to play in the river until the rain stopped
a. Should not have
b. Would not have
c. Would not be
d. Have not been

14. You can book the ticket in advence, so that you.......queue up for it
a. May not
b. Can not
c. Should not
d. Don’t have to

15. It is very cold and windy outside. If you dont have a coat, you.......borrow mine
a. Will
b. Shall
c. Can
d. Must

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